Hearts Under Fire

I’m not one for championing the radical feminist movement, I will swoon at a scantily clad Megan Fox as much as the next human, but I do love to see women holding their own in predominately male genres of music.  Unfortunately all too often this appreciation leads to their pigeon-holing as ambassadors for the female cause when the majority simply want to be ambassadors for music.  I don’t negate the need for female role models in the more gender-biased of music cultures but rather believe this should be an elective assignment with those artists wanting to be judged solely on their musical merit being viewed as gender neutral.

One such band not doing it for the girls but rather doing it for the music is punk-rock act Hearts Under Fire.

Hearts Under Fire-It’s Not Me, It’s You

Their distinct raw sound makes them instantly recognisable and their infectious personality promises you a friendly punch in the face.  Once you’ve heard them you don’t forget them, as lead vocalist Mary O’Reagan interjects her powerful clean vocals with the occasional growling reminder that you’re listening to a solid rock act (as if you needed it).  Their musicianship is impressive and I personally think Hearts Under Fire are well on their way to rectifying the shortage of credible all-female bands at the top.

No stranger to the industry the band has an impressive touring CV with sets at Download, Sonisphere, T in the Park and more.  It’s always nice to see artists who take pride in their work and are willing to put in immense effort to achieve their vision for the future of their music.  Despite obvious confidence in their own abilities as artists, the four women come across as natural and entirely authentic as individuals in their own right.  It’s instantly apparent that they thoroughly enjoy what they do and this passion translates effortlessly through their music.

Hearts Under Fire-We’ve Come Too Far to Live in the Past (Acoustic)

Hearts Under Fire have just released their second EP, titled “We’ve Come Too Far to Live in the Past”, featuring 5 original tracks with eloquently written lyrics contrasting anthemic riffs with darker, more melodic sounds.  Be sure to check it out along with their first EP “Letters”, which I have been playing relentlessly since its release!  Such quality music releases, and that formidable touring experience, makes Hearts Under Fire’s obvious potential even more unavoidable; I’m very excited to see them infiltrate and dominate the punk-rock mainstage at their signature break-neck speed.

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5 thoughts on “Hearts Under Fire”

  1. Great band! I’ve been a fan of them for awhile. Here’s a live video I shot of them earlier this year:

    1. They’re amazing, aren’t they?! That’s awesome – thanks for sharing!
      If you know of any more good acts, leave a comment on the “Your Bands and Artists Page” 🙂

  2. Great article, and spot on.
    They are such great and talented ladies, one of my favourite bands and as you said definitely deserve great success.
    Thanks for writing this.

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