About STX

If you live in a fairly small town like I do, with only two possible places you could end up after midnight willing to turn a blind eye to your abstract interpretation of rhythmic movement, you get to know the faces.  There are the faces that seem to exist as manifestations of spilt Jägermeister and decisions that really could have used more thought; these faces are always, always out.  You see them more than you see your own mother and try not to ponder what that says about your own existence outside of the thundering bass and dimly-lit walls.  Everyone knows these faces.  Everyone has a token for one smile, hello or fleeting embrace and, whilst the sight of these faces is comforting and you appreciate their presence, so does everyone else.  The median is comprised of your faces.  These are the faces you have chosen to routinely accompany your own face for better or for worse, for drunk or for drunker.  You love these faces and they love you back.

At the far end of the facial spectrum are the unfamiliar faces; the faces you may only ever stumble upon after a failed mine-sweeping attempt or over a shared cigarette lighter.  Many of these are transient, passing without making any significant imprint and slotting seamlessly into the progression of the evening, but there do exist those who instantly ignite something within you and stop you in your tracks; you wonder how they have been overlooked thus far.  There is something in these faces you recognise and you feel compelled to make them one of your own.  It is these exciting unfamiliar faces that this blog is about; the music artists you stumble upon when browsing the familiar faces, the ones with followings you feel massively disproportionate to their talent.  Those with the innate ability to speak to you on a deeper level and make you wish great things for someone you have never, nor are ever likely to physically meet.  Whether through fate or coincidence you are now aware of these faces and you feel bound to ensure everyone else realises how deserving they are of recognition.  They are destined for more than the ‘unfamiliar’ crowd and after all, as the ancient proverb goes, “I’ve got a face. You’ve got a face. Let’s be friends”.

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