Connie Campsie

I have a real love for the acoustic genre.  There’s something so pure and authentic about taking music right down to its undergarments, free from auto-tune army boots and compression khakis, and leaving only the vocal and instrument.  This said, I know I’d be naive in assuming this style of music to be the measure of unfiltered excellence, but it does undeniably afford the artist less places to hide; in acoustic music it doesn’t take long to separate the posers from the professionals.

Connie Campsie-Human (Cover)

Connie Campsie is an acoustic artist in no need of concealment.  Her clear and eloquent vocal is as honest as those Croc shoe-things are ugly.  The only discernible enhancement is a bathroom-acoustics’ echo, which only amplifies the haunting quality in her voice; Campsie really is as good as she sounds.  One look at her YouTube channel or play of her Soundcloud and you immediately realise this authenticity emanates from an endearing individuality as both as artist, and indeed as young girl.  Who could contest the character in ending a song as beautiful as ‘Stay Tonight’ by singling one listener out as being an “absolute dickhead”…?  With small glance it is also strikingly clear how much Campsie loves music itself, taking care to make each cover track entirely her own and each original track something entirely unique.  Personally I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do at 16/17 years old (other than to be 18…) but Connie Campsie seems to have everything already figured out and is fortunate enough to possess more than the required skills to achieve success.

Connie Campsie-Stay Tonight

Her’s is the sort of sound that renders the listener rather quiet; it’s gentle but certainly not lacking presence, carrying a simple sincerity in the writing style with which you can’t help but feel a connection.  The composed vocal laced over complimentary instrumental relays themes of love-induced vulnerability and self-discovery with a charming clarity.  It’s so nice to see a young artist who has managed to really identify their musical character and develop a noticeable signature in their work.  This self-assured musicality looks to find even greater strength as Campsie plans to attend Ed Sheeran’s old haunt, the popular music academy, Access To Music, in London.

This young acoustic artist is an exciting talent.  Writing her first songs at an age as early as 5 years old makes it clear that music is in her soul.  You can’t help but get behind an artist who creates from love rather than necessity, and her ethic of solely publishing material that meets her own high standards, irrespective of frequency or quantity, is something to be both respected and admired.  Campsie is a true acoustic artist making intelligent and real music and as she continues to develop her creative voice I am positive we will be privy to some truly beautiful new sounds.

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Beverley Craven
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Beverley Craven




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