Maddie Jones – Mr Walrus EP [Released Today – 30th September 2013]

The Walrus has landed, or perhaps beached…?  Beached does imply a halt in momentum however; picture this particular Walrus pitching up on an iceberg greased with twelve layers of hotel lobby floor wax.  There is nothing but lightening-speed potential in this latest offering from the brilliant Maddie Jones.

Released today, the “Mr Walrus” EP is a six-track collection born of startlingly authentic lyrics and unique musical choreography.  It features a number of Jones’ signature songs with the addition of one or two others I hadn’t yet heard.  I must admit, I’ve developed a real affection for this remarkable artist.  She is naturally endearing, but without trace of passivity, and Mr Walrus is the perfect showcase of both the charm and the assertion intrinsic to her resolute individuality.

Maddie Jones-Me, Myself and I (Track 01)

There is no other song that could have possibly introduced Jones’ as a creative-being on the face of her EP alone.  “Me, Myself and I” is intelligent, frank and deliciously sharp.  Standing at only 1:45 minutes it’s the shortest song of the 6 but packs a hefty whack entirely worthy of pole position.  It’s a scathing assault on the self-involved and the opportunistic, with stop-your-sh*t lyrics and squawks of frustration that still have me laughing at my thousandth listen.

Maddie Jones continues to use sound in a very innovative way and this playful diversity is reflected right down to the arrangement of tracks on the EP; up-tempo sass is routinely alternated with a softer, more intimate feel.  As a whole, the theme of the collection strikes me as a promotion of self-confidence and empowerment.  Whether she’s warning you not to push your luck or reassuring you that your perseverance will pay off it does feel as though Jones’ is giving you a kick in the seat of respective force.  The only discernible break in this premise comes in the form of Track 04 of the EP, “Illusion”.  With lyrics relaying the vulnerability of allowing someone access to your true self and in return seeking access to their own, this track shows a delicate and introspective quality that further highlights Jones’ ability to keep her audience alert and guessing.

I had every intention of viewing Maddie Jones’ latest release with an unaffected and unbiased eye, unfortunately, when you attempt this with the sort of artist that captivates upon first impact it becomes an almost impossible task, one which I’ll readily admit to failing miserably.  Luckily the Mr Walrus EP is everything I knew it would be and certainly a little bit more.  I’m hugely grateful it slid by Stopped in Trax before it speeds off onto the big ‘bergs.

Click here to get your hands on the Walrus

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