Mr Tom

Social networking sites are brilliant for finding new artists or even finding new listeners.  I really can’t get to grips with Twitter, hence why there may be a noticeable favouritism towards the STX Facebook page, but I must say it does seem to be the better option for finding new listeners if you’re a music artist.  I’ve had numerous bands follow the Twitter account in the last couple of weeks and I’m so glad they have because it’s given me some really exciting new acts to listen to.  It’s important to go out and get your audience in the music industry and one band that has definitely gone out and gotten me is Mr Tom.  Thanks Mr Tom.

Mr Tom-Feet Hit The Floor

Mr Tom’s electro-driven indie sound is strikingly current and immensely enjoyable, blending raw underground charm with the easy finesse of a commercial sensation.  Their tracks have all the frankness and vigour of youth with unabashed lyrics and beats that incite rhythm out your head and a foot at minimum.  Full of energy and brimming with personality, they make an immediate and indelible impression on the ear.  The band have been playing together for four years and appear to have developed a tenacious bond which really translates into their music and into their performances.  They clearly enjoy each other’s company and enjoy their work and this instantly makes an act more likeable for me; how can an audience be expected to enjoy music the artist hasn’t enjoyed creating?  Young but driven, Mr Tom are fun without the frivolity.

The four lads from the South define their sound as ‘Indie Banger Pop’, a hybrid entirely put into context by tracks like “Feet Hit The Floor” with its irresistibly catchy choruses and guitar riffs you can sink your top-buttoned shirt into.  Lead singer Nick’s boldly British vocals fit the feel of the band perfectly with just the right mix of talent and bravado whilst band-mates Donny, Steve and Leeroy ensure Mr Tom walks the walk as well as talks the talk with their confident musicianship.  They have a flair for writing simple but well-executed music and this really shines in their stripped-back acoustic performances.  This unplugged rendition of the title track to their soon-to-be-released EP “King and Queen” is especially nice (a clip of the EP version plays at the end).

Mr Tom-King & Queen (LAF Films Acoustic Session)

Mr Tom is a band set to turn heads in the music world, already making its presence known with outside interest leading to promo work with a clothing brand alongside artists like Maverick Sabre and Deadmau5, and even to a synch gig with British film, Piggy.  The lads do appear to realise that there is no such thing as a free deal in the music industry, touring and playing festivals relentlessly to get their music heard (not negating the importance of access to a free bar, of course…)

Mr Tom’s third EP is released on the 1st of September ahead of their Bestival set and features some brilliantly original and catchy tracks – get it in your life.  I really really like this band.  Normal lads with an abnormal sound.

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[NB 03/06/2014: Mr Tom unfortunately announced their disbanding on 13th February 2014] 


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